We believe

you can heal your relationship
with food and your body

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Services we offer

Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorder Recovery

Learn to live in recovery
• Recover from an unhealthy relationship with food

• Find a loving relationship between you and your body

• Let go of anxiety & preoccupation with food

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Nutrition Therapy for Women

Learn how to nourish your body before, during and after pregnancy.
• Find strength and encouragement in your ability to birth & nourish

• Set realistic expectations of your body after the birth & and entrance into motherhood

• Cherish your body that creates, nurtures and sustains life

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Nutrition Therapy for Children

Set the stage for raising an adventurous, intuitive eater.

• Encourage your child to be an adventurous eater

• Create a mealtime environment that nurtures your child’s inner intuitive eater

• Feed your child’s independent spirit

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Why choose us?

What you get

Compassion & Support

We understand how deeply rooted a relationship with food and your body can be. We seek to come alongside you, listen to your story & give you the space to consider change.

Non Judgmental Approach

We approach all of our clients with a mindful consideration to the unique experiences each human maintains. We seek to provide a space where every body is welcome and acknowledged as worthy of health.

Evidenced Based Recommendations

We have a commitment to maintain continuing education to deliver our clients the best care by staying abreast of current research and recommendations in our field.

Our Story

Empowered RD is a weight inclusive nutrition therapy practice located in San Diego, CA. Our practice integrates the principles of Nutrition Science, the art of Intuitive Eating and the tenets of Health At Every Size (HAES ®) to work with women who want to improve their relationship with food and body. Our approach is client centered and always aimed at ensuring each individual feels heard, respected and valued. Our Mission is to help you learn to heal your relationship with food and your body. Give you the tools to be able to trust your body and to discover the innate ability you have to know just how to nourish yourself and your growing family. Gain confidence to feed yourself family without any guilt or judgement. Empower you to be a model of authentic health.

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